F3 – Networking with other projects (ERA)

Networking between projects having a similar goal (habitat mapping and designation of marine SCI at the Mediterranean and EU level) or a similar geographical focus (Maltese waters) is very important for the success of this project. Networking will be carried out through email, telephone, meetings and attendance of conferences and workshops where the LIFE BaĦAR for N2K will be presented and discussed.


Networking with relevant local and foreign projects

  • Meetings held with Life+ Malta Seabird Project and LIFE Migrate Project (February 2015, October 2015, April 2016) to discuss progress and areas proposed for designation under said projects.
  • Participation at LIFE+ Malta Seabird workshop (November 2015), LIFE Migrate closing conference (April 2016) and LIFE+ Malta Seabird closing conference (June 2016).
  • 7th April 2016  Presence at a meeting between ERA, Wild Birds Regulation Unit, MSDEC and BirdLife Malta


Conference and Event Participation

  • Participation at the LIFE Kick Off Meeting held in Copenhagen, Denmark,  giving an introduction on the project (23 October 2013) – ERA
  • Participation at the Life Platform Meeting in Madrid, Spain, to contribute to the discussions relating to the Biogeographic Seminar held in St Malo during May 2015 (26 – 27th March 2015) – ERA
  • Delivery of a presentation entitled ‘The deep sea around Malta: a biodiversity hotspot?’ at the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation/ AgenceFrançaise des Aires Marines Protégées (AFAMP) meeting on ‘Mediterranean Deep-Sea Ecosystems’ on, which was held in Marseille, France (9 -10th September 2015) – UoM-DoB
  • Presentation of two posters at the 41st Congress of the Mediterranean Science Commission (CIESM), held in Kiel, Germany (12 – 16 September 2016) – UoM-DoB
    CIESM 2016  –  Biodiversity Hotspot Poster
    CIESM 2016  – Red Coral Poster