E4 – Information and knowledge transfer activities for specific stakeholders (ERA)

Information and knowledge exchange between key stakeholders through the organisation of 4 stakeholder seminars and a 4 day conference on Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas.

During the seminars, key stakeholders (such as fishing and diving communities, the Armed Forces of Malta, local NGOs, Transport Malta, and Tourism industry representatives) will be invited to discuss the project, share experiences, identification of data sources and discussion on the designation and conservation processes.

The 4-day conference will introduce the project aims, partners and results achieved, and its aim will be the sharing of experiences between different actors of marine protected areas.

First stakeholder seminar – 8 May 2014

Second stakeholder seminar – 30 November 2015

Third stakeholder seminar – 4 July 2017

Conference on Marine Protected Areas held on 11 – 14 September 2017

Fourth stakeholder seminar – 21 November 2017

Report – Summary of stakeholder participation